7 Things Everyone Does at the End of the Quarter

Miranda Cain, Editor


  1. Calculate exactly what you need to get on your test/quiz/assignment to keep your grade where it is.

Every student at some point has worried this much about their grade that they calculate exactly what you need to get to keep me grade as it is.  

      2. Calculate exactly what you need to get on your test/quiz/assignment to get the next highest grade.

Again, if you’re teetering on the edge between two different grades, you have definitely calculated exactly what you needed to get that slightly higher grade.

      3. Ask at least four different teachers if this is going on this quarter or next quarter.

Well, Ms. and or Mr.. this is extremely pertinent information and it could make or break me at this point.  

     4. Turn in everything you had forgotten about throughout the quarter

Without a doubt you had forgotten about something throughout the course of the quarter and inevitably you remember it the week the quarter ends.  

    5. Have a test or quiz in every class possible.

It seems that in every class the last week of the quarter there is a big quiz, test, or project and it almost always could make or break your grade.

    6. Finally deal with any attendance issues

At some point throughout the quarter most people have had a teacher mark them absent when they really were not. Suddenly the end of the quarter nears and you remember about that and decide you need to fix that.

    7. And after the quarter ends you feel like you have just finished running a marathon

Finally, after every bit of stress for the quarter has come and gone you see the light at the end of the tunnel and you breath a giant sigh of relief and prepare for the next storm that is inevitably coming next Monday.