Stress Eating


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Lucy Vargas, Staff Writer

Have you ever just stared at the wall, thought feelings suck, then started to cry so you ran to your kitchen to just cry while eating, expressing how much you hate yourself?

No? Just me then? Oh…well yeah!

For those who have their life together can you relate? Because ohh boyy. There are stages to this. Mentally, you have a plan for this but then realize your plan isn’t going to actually happen so you eat more.  

When I say plan, I mean plan. Get your snacks, get your drinks. Stock up! You need to get ready because if you don’t, you realize there’s no food and end up crying in the corner. Unless you want to be a sad little bean get your things together.

Started that new diet? Haha what is a diet?? Anyways wouldn’t it be nice to have some food right about now?

Bless! Stress eating is bad but honestly who cares. If I’m on the verge of falling, past the brink and into insanity, I’m going to stuff my face with every good tasting thing.

Stress eating happens to be a legitimate thing.

There are a few sites that prove the science behind why we stress eat and why we cry.

Check it out: 

Some cry while doing stress eating but I’m not about that life. How I see it, if we feel sad we go to something that makes us feel loved…our fridge. Our fridge is our best friend, the store is our sunshine, and the deals that make food cheaper are our saviors.

Now a small warning, because stress eating can seriously be bad so you need to be careful. You might just indulge so much that your tummy hurts. It’s also not the best solution if you need to face the issues that make you feel crazy for stress eating and have you end up hating yourself. Which I mean, same, but be careful.

Overall, if you happen to be a stress eater like me I get how you feel. Food’s very addicting and tastes really good, hence why half the time I have a box of cereal in my room. Testing season is coming up so start stocking up people. Stressful studying can lead to stressful snacking. May the money fairy save our wallets.