“Kill the Samurai”

Donovan Brooks, Staff Writer


It’s official: Jack is definitely back. The premier episode of Samurai Jack season 5 completely satisfied our Jack withdrawal, and there is still more to come.  Thankfully any fears we had of another Powerpuff Girls disaster were put to rest. Jack still has the same stylistic charm, the same robot fighting, and even the same theme song.


The first thing we see in this episode is Jack saving a couple of innocents from a horde of giant insectoid robots, a callback to an episode of season one where he does the same thing. Jack’s introduction scene is done incredibly well; Jack shows up riding a motorcycle and wearing an impressive set of futuristic armor, and it is unclear that this is actually Jack until his mask is cut off by one of the robots. The hype for his reveal matches with that of the fans leading up to this episode.


Jack then goes on to have another one of his traveling montages, this time accompanied by hallucinations of his family members and other people from his past, guilt tripping him with lines like “You’ve forgotten your purpose”, “You’ve forsaken us”, et cetera. This montage showcases the new, dark tones that will be infused in this new season.


A new set of characters was introduced in this episode as well, a cult named “The Daughters of Aku”. A new story arc appears to be forming around seven twin sisters who were born specifically to kill Jack. They seem to have a very developed story, and it is exciting to envision how they will elevate the show.’’


This season, so far, takes a heavy focus on the idea of Jack “losing his way”, as creator Genndy Tartakovsky puts it. Jack no longer has his iconic sword that he carries throughout the first four seasons, having lost it earlier. Instead, he primarily fights with a collapsable polearm that is a trident at one end and electrically charged at the other. Jack also frequently uses a pistol he carries on his chest, a missile launcher and minigun he carries on his motorcycle, and the motorcycle itself as weapons. The action is extremely various and exciting this season.


All in all, this episode was very eventful, and left us all excited for the next 12 episodes that this season will bring.  The themes introduced by these episodes are interesting to think about, and fans are anxious to see the dramatic finale of Jack’s story.