Skyler Lang

Photo by Skyler Lange.

Mav Makeup Day

On a whim we decided to have an experimental make up day. During a conversation we had in class some of our writers were ranting about how much they admired makeup but lacked the skills and resources to do the makeup looks we’d seen on Instagram and other social media.

One of the editors, Miranda, had a whole trough of makeup left from the women in her family and etc.


Aside from me, junior Skyler Lang, senior Miranda Cain, sophomores Lucy Vargas and Estephanie Jimenez participated in the Mav Makeup day. A few other staff writers joined throughout as they were curious to experiment with all the makeup we had set out. We set up the makeup in an organized fashion on the table and took pictures. Skyler took most of the pictures, Estephanie took charge of applying makeup, and the rest of us tried different makeup as we pleased.

Estephanie did our eye makeup on one eye to have time for everyone. The idea was to do the other eye ourselves but there was so much makeup to use it turned into a free for all, try what you want. Layered lipsticks, multiple eyeliner, mascaras, and a bit of blush to go too.

Overall we just had a good time trying the makeup that we had never really tried, nor really had the skills to apply. Two of our other sophomore staff writers, Donovan Brooks and Yamilex Arias, joined in with our Mav Makeup day. Donny and Lucy teamed up to try mascara and lipstick.



He had tried on this deep mauvey color, which in my opinion he rocked pretty well. Donny said we had opened him to trying more makeup in the future.


Yami came over wondering if anyone knew how to do eyeliner, but of course none of us except for Estephanie really knew what to do.

Well, Estephanie tried to do a cut crease using powder eyeshadow so we all have our strengths and weaknesses.



Estephanie did a pretty good job with the eyeshadow on all of us. I’m sure everyone participating that day could agree they felt like they saw with a new eye after Estephanie put on eyeshadow for one of our eyes. We only had neutral eyeshadow palettes to work with. We were fooling around with so much makeup that it wasn’t until we were done with our makeup day that we found the other eyeshadow palette that had the vivid bright colors we were looking for.

All photographs were taken by Skyler Lange.

Makeup Experience

During the course of our makeup day I was in charge of taking photographs of the experience. I personally had more fun documenting the day behind the camera rather than getting my makeup done. I had no experience with makeup prior to our makeup day and I learned that I never want to touch an eyeshadow or blush ever again. Estephanie was kind enough to do my eye makeup for me because I had no clue...

1st Time Doing My Classmates Makeup
Throwing on Lip Shade

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