Johanna Guerrero, Editor-in-Chief

A week ago, I asked someone to Spring Fling without using a poster. In the rising trend of dance proposals, most people use posters. Posters are actually really great and a lot of people still do something different, writing their proposals in parking lots in front of their person’s car, using food and corny jokes to ask, and in colder places: spelling it out in the snow. I think these kinds of dance proposals are great but I knew that it wouldn’t be the right way to ask my favorite person with a poster.


My favorite person is not someone who likes public attention and I knew they would appreciate something more creative. I make a lot of puns. I come up with the craziest ideas and can create a string of narrative puns based on one misspelling of a word.


A launch box. What is it? I wanted to make something wonderfully punny based on the Spring Fling space theme and for some reason my mind fused lunchbox and launch. The plan was to make an awesome space-themed lunch box that they could keep. I wanted the surprise to be only for them.


The idea came late to me but that’s how most of my puns work. I had my idea on Tuesday and went on Wednesday to get my supplies. I made the launch box in one Wednesday afternoon and evening.


I started my crafty venture at the 99 cent store. I always like to come here for my creative projects because it’s inexpensive and I can usually find something unique. Plus Michael’s craft store is too far from me but that would have been my next stop. I start low then go high.


I needed a lunch box and surprisingly found some at the 99 cent store.



I planned on painting the outside so I picked this one because the sides were black and the handle was red. Perfect colors to start my space-launch theme.

I’ve had experience before in attempting to paint metals and glossy-matte surfaces. It’s best to use spray-paint and cover it in coats. I didn’t have spray paint plus I’m sure my mom would have pointed a cautious eye to letting a teen have spray paint, something I have never used anyway, so being short on time I covered the lunchbox, ironically, in painter’s tape and painted on the tape.



I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with the launch box but I painted it black in two to three coats of paint before I took a break for lunch. I was talking to one of my friends about my idea to paint a galaxy on the outside and she gave me the useful tip of using sponges.



I cut up a slice of one of our kitchen sponges into 3 squares for yellow, blue, and red. I painted with different mixtures of the single colors, sometimes with white for a lighter shade. You can also use a paintbrush or something bristly to flick paint across like stars.



Of course I already thought of a bunch of puns for the actual words. I made the inside simpler because I spent so much time working on the outside.

I used glow sticks and purple reflective Easter grass to put around the small sign I made. I also added goldfish because they were rainbow colored and it fit the galaxy look.



I taped some jolly ranchers and glow sticks around the bottom on top of some black construction paper. On the inside of the lid I printed out the words and sponged purple paint onto it. Later on I decided to cover the bottom with more Easter grass so the glow sticks could glow through it.


I put a small sign by the jolly ranchers that says “Launch Date: Saturnday March 18”.

For the inside of the lid, the sign reads:


Will you 3-2-1 GO with me to Spring Fling? Let’s GLOW together and dance to some space jammin’ Neptunes.”

“Take me on a spin for orbit and make my day!

Yes, I’ll meteor moves on the dance floor.

No, Venus not go together.”