Business 2 Management Project

Estephanie Jimenez, Editor

Business 2 Management with Mr. Charles has been working on a project for weeks. The students had to create a business within a group of four people. It is up to them on what they would want to sell and how they would sell it. The only requirements were that they have to show how much money it would take to uphold the business along with all of the individual expenses.

Along with each expense the students would have to calculate how much they would want to sell their items or services. Just like any other business they would  have to calculate as well when they would break even and start to receive revenue.

In fact, the groups of each business will  have to present their projects in front of the class and will be judged by their peers.

They will be graded on their ability to show a company description, breakeven analysis, market summary, supplies list, menu/products, and list of employees. Failure of showing such things will cost them points from their overall grade.

They groups will start presenting their projects on March 6, 2017.