Getting Rid Of Tradition

Getting Rid Of Tradition

Skyler Lange

On Sunday night a post on the A-TECH wall revealed that this year’s Sadie Hawkins will be replaced by a “spring fling”.

Student council member Jayde Powell states the reasons behind transforming the dance are due to poor attendance of the event and the uneven 2:1 ratio of male and female students on campus.

Hosting a spring fling instead of a Sadie Hawkins gives all students the opportunity to have fun without feeling like one is required to be accompanied by a date.

Although the idea of students getting to enjoy the evening with friends sounds fun, hosting a spring fling rather than a Sadie Hawkins eliminates something that is traditional in not just high schools in Nevada, but all over the country.

“At every other school they still get to ask that person that they wanted to ask and now that anybody can just go because it’s just a regular dance, it’s like an inconvenience,”said freshman Ayanna Muhammad.

Some may argue that Sadies enforces gender roles and encourages heterosexual relationships rather than homosexual and other relationships as well. The dance also implies that females should only take the initiative to ask a male to a dance on this special occasion.

The origin of Sadie Hawkins dance was inspired by Lil’ Abner, a satirical comic strip from the 1930s. This comic inspired a role change in which girls ask boys to a dance instead of the traditional guys ask girls.

Eliminating Sadie Hawkins is a choice that could ultimately make or break attendance of the dance, seeing how last year, over 100 tickets were sold due to rumors that the dance was being canceled.

The scheduled date of the dance has yet to be announced.•


•Since Monday, February  20, the Spring Fling has been announced for March 18.