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What Does it Mean to be 18?

 What does it mean to be 18?

What does it mean, I can’t even believe.

Does it mean that I can fight and die?

Does it mean that I can finally ask why?

What does it mean when I missed election year?

What does it mean when all I feel is fear?

Society says I am an adult

Then why do I still feel like I’m not?

I have to figure out money and figure out life

So, why do people act like that is not my right.

When people say I should have a plan

All I can see is where I stand.

Not yet finished but not yet begun

Wishing that I could relate to someone,

Instead of just being in-between.

So on the eve of my eighteenth year

With all of my dreams and all of my fears

I begin to wonder what does it mean to be 18?

Haley Yamagata, Senior
Jaylin Hood, Junior (right)
Teddy Roy, Freshman
Rodolfo Alfaro-Carcoba, Senior
Catalina Luna, Freshman
Kevin Ferra, Sophomore
Cesar Lopez, Sophomore
Trevor Janssen, Senior (left)

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