Open Letter: Golden Globes


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Miranda Cain, Editor

Dear Golden Globes

Going straight into the pulse of the matter, what is your purpose?

I suppose the answer goes in the neighborhood of rewarding those of talent with an award. However, how can the small group of people in charge be the authority on what is considered good and what is not?

As a young child, my grandparents would only take me to see a movie if it had good reviews in the newspaper (those black and gray things). My parents followed their lead until I was about nine years old when we had really connected to the internet. For many people in those days, critics’ words held more value than they do now in this day and age where anyone with an internet connection is suddenly a film critic.

Now the Golden Globes, in this day and age where everyone can voice their opinion on any media platform, comes across an important question. Why has this concept not reached awards shows? For years everyone has voiced their opinions on dresses, hosts, venues, and winners of the awards. So why have we not been able to voice our opinion on what movies get nominated and win? Unlike other times where reaching some of the population was difficult, this is no longer an issue.

In a time where almost everyone has computer or internet access, why has this concept not even been a thought? Various protests have sparked from unequal representation on awards committees yet, the most obvious solution to this problem has not even been touched; let the people decide their own winners.

Coming from a country where our entire government system hinges on the idea of a vote why would awards shows not have people vote for their winners? So Golden Globes I implore you, instead of making decisions for the public let the public have its own say.



Tired of Watching the Wrong Things Win.