Ambassador of the Week

Meet Vanina Gramatikova, Senior, President of the Ambassadors


Katheryn Ellis and Miranda Cain

 “I came to A-TECH, the most obvious reason of many was the legal studies program. I wanted to go to Canyon Springs, but I heard that A-TECH was number one in the state and I decided ‘Why not incorporate academics with something I love?’ which was Legal Studies.

I decided to join the Ambassadors because of the interaction we get with other students and from people from the outside. My favorite part is talking to other people. I’m very outgoing, I love talking to other people, so coming into Ambassadors, I knew that, yes it’s a club and it’ll look good on my college resumes and everything, but not only that, a major part of it was because I knew I’d be good as an Ambassador because I loved representing A-TECH and I loved talking to other people and I felt comfortable discussing what makes A-TECH the best school here in Nevada.


The most difficult part about being an Ambassador and especially being the president of the Ambassadors I believe is time management since we constantly have all of these events.

One of the most wonderful things I invested in was a planner, and I know it sounds pretty simple, but using a planner, it helps me organize everything that I need.

Much of my social life that goes on is incorporated with school. So, for example, with Ambassadors, if I ever need to take care of anything for Ambassadors, my friends will always be there. So we incorporate social life with school life as well.

When I have free time, I definitely like to go to the mall. I love to shop and I shop a lot, maybe too much, but I love going to the mall and just walking around and it’s a good exercise, so why not? And then, I love to go to the movies.

There’s never a set thing for me that I like to do and every week I like to change it up a little bit.