SpellBound Spirit Week

The start of A-TECH’s Homecoming Spirit week began Monday, December 5. This year’s homecoming theme is Harry Potter. Here are the spirit days students participated in.

Monday—Magic Maverick Day;

Where students wore the school colors (purple and/or teal) or club shirts.

Tuesday—Tie and Sweater Day;

Students got to wear a tie and a sweater to look like a Hogwarts student.

Wednesday—Weasley Wednesday;

Grab a friend and wear matching clothes with them.

Thursday—Do it for Dobby;

Students got the chance to wear their most craziest or colorful socks.

Friday —Battle of the Houses;

Where student wore the colors that represented their houses.

Freshman:  Yellow for Hufflepuff

Sophomores:  Blue for Ravenclaw

Juniors:  Green for Slytherin

Seniors: Red for Gryffindor


Freshman Miles Sims




“[Spirit Week]’s pretty cool, a lot of cool outfits and stuff going on,” said Sims. “I just thought it’d be fun to dress up.”









Spirit Week Students

Monday: Magic Maverick Day
Tuesday: Tie and Sweater Day
Wednesday: Weasley Wednesday
Thursday: Do it for Dobby
Friday: Battle of the Houses

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