Album Cover by Sophomore Steven Oloya

Album Cover by Sophomore Steven Oloya

Brooke Hoover, Staff Writer

On Friday, sophomore Steven Oloya’s album “4 HARAMBE” was released on Soundcloud and Youtube. He has been working on it since September with the help of other students.

“At first I was messing around and then I got into it,” said Oloya.

His hit song was MaRiAh, which featured senior Marqus Pino. This song has gotten the most heat, with over 500 views.

“I’ve learned many to just have fun while making a mixtape. That’s how you make a banger like MaRiAh.”

His album consists of nine tracks. Within the first two hours of the release, the album had 300 views. Within 24 hours, he had 1,300 people hooked on his album. Steven spent a week cleaning up his songs and hyping up the release to get more people hooked on the album. There were many students who wore his merchandise to school in spirit of the release.

Having a catchy beat is the main reason why songs hit the #1 charts, so that’s how Steven decided to create his songs.

“My inspirations were Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott. I listened to a lot of their music and implemented that into my songs.”

Steven plans on making more music in the future. He is currently working with other rappers to make his second album, as well as a music video for his hit song.

”I’m going to stay making beats for the future,” said Oloya, “and hopefully I can get somewhere.”

You can support Steven and his mixtape at his Soundcloud and his merchandise store.