Open letter: The Gilmore Girls Revival (Contains Spoilers!)


Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (2016)

Miranda Cain, Editor


Dear Gilmore Girls Revival

Starting off, you had such high expectations pinned onto you that already you had the deck stacked against you. However, even without the expectations, compared to the series itself you were just lackluster.

You were meant to be the conclusion Gilmore Girls fans had long awaited: a return to Stars Hollow and all the characters we had grown to love. We certainly saw all the old characters, but it all felt a little rushed. Your message and where you were going was certainly obvious but compared to your predecessor, you just fell short.

Being the fast talking, comedic, and dramatic series fans fell in love with years ago, the revival didn’t really revive anything. These four episodes didn’t seem to really fit into the general themes and tone of the previous show. It seemed as if this tried to fit too much: too many characters, too many story lines, and too many ideas into too few episodes.

Many of what the show’s fans waited for never seemed to come to fruition. The many story lines have no real conclusions: the Jess and Rory story line, the Logan and Rory story line, and all of the Lorelai and Luke drama that the revival started has no real conclusion. Nor do the Lorelai and Emily issues have any conclusion and the whole baby storyline definitely had no conclusion. With all these loose threads left unattended, what was the purposes of creating this whole revival?!

Please, if you’re going to make a REVIVAL, actually have it revive something.

Thank you.



Severely Underwhelmed