No, I Am Not Done Yet

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Miranda Cain, Editor

Dear Everyone:

As a senior applying for colleges and scholarships and everything else that seniors need to apply for, STOP ASKING ME! Yes, I know that deadlines are coming up.  Yes, I’m glad that you have had your application in for weeks. Yes, I know that I need to get things in. I know all of these facts and do not need other people reminding me every class period about it.

Maybe I have spent my time trying to keep up with school work, maybe I have had family issues that took precedence, or maybe I have been sick and have been trying to recover. There are a million different reasons that someone could not be done with their applications yet. It is not anyone’s place to make a comment.

Along with this, the colleges and scholarships someone has chosen to apply for are not anyone’s right to comment upon either. If somebody does not want to apply out of state or to an Ivy League that is their decision. People have, again, a multitude of reasons for their decisions.

Everyone: stop with the psychological games and just celebrate each other’s successes whether it’s getting into Harvard or getting into Joe’s Clown school.


I’m not done yet