Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States


Trump Wins

The results are in: Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States of America according to the latest poll results. As of 12:31 PM eastern standard time, Donald Trump had 279 electoral college votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 228 electoral college votes. However, according to the popular vote Trump had 59,343,508 votes (47.5%) compared to Clinton, who received 59,582,654 votes (47.7%). According to these results, while Hillary won the popular vote Trump won the electoral college votes which gained him the presidency. Locally, election results leaned more Democratic, with Catherine Cortez Masto winning the open senate seat with 520,658 votes (47.1%). For the house in district one Dina Titus won with 116,045 votes (61.8%), district two Mark Amodie won with 182,452 votes (58.3%), district three Jacky Rosen won with 146,653 votes (47.2%), and district four Ruben Kihuen won with 128,680 votes (48.5%). Finally all three of the Ballot measures passed in Nevada with question one passing with 558,586 votes (50.4%), question two passed with 602,400 votes (54.5%), and question three passed with 783,120 votes (72.4%).