Open Letter: Restaurant Breads


This work is under the public domain

Miranda Cain, Editor

Dear Restaurant Breads


You are all not created equal.

End of story.

From cheesy to buttery, from soft to crunchy some breads obviously have more care and attention put into them than others.

Some restaurants, to not name any names lets call them Balive Larden, create some subpar bread. By no means is the bread unlikable but by no means is it up to par with their competition. Places such as Bob Robster and GoutHack have created such confections of bready goodness that one can fill up solely with their bread.

Now excluding all other food stuffs these facilities serve, based solely on their breads, some facilities have lost all creativity regarding their bread. Bob Robster and GoutHack have stepped up their bread game making them an experience that only draw consumers to their restaurant.

Sadly, you Balive Larden have fallen behind in this cut-throat industry of bread creation. Few if any people would travel solely to eat your bread. Many eaters would not say if they felt full after eating your bread.

Now many will say that eateries should not be based solely off of their breads, I however find this opinion to be wrong, dead wrong. Bread is not merely the appetizer that many view it as. Bread means so much more in a dining experience.

Without bread how can connoisseurs decide the feeling of the rest of their meal without a proper bread course. Bread adds wholesomeness to a dining experience. Breaking bread is a tradition that crosses centuries and brings a family or group together.

So Balive Larden: step up your game because you are stifling the bonding experience.



Bread Lovers