How to Have a Spoopy Halloween Alone!

Lucy Vargas

Its that time again where people get their scare on, have an excuse to buy all the candy in the world, and dress up in costumes. Now I don’t know about you all but Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Which means people start to plan their Halloween from the beginning of October. For those who procrastinate like me here are some steps to having a spoopy Halloween. Yes, spoopy, we all want to have a spoopy Halloween.


1. Start Your Day by Listening to Your Spoopy Halloween Playlist

You want to start your day off right by getting into the mood. So go on whatever music app you prefer and start to awkwardly dance along while screaming along to the lyrics. If you have no idea what songs you need in your spoopy life or you’re just lazy, go ahead and listen to Rachelle Lewis’s Spooky Scary Skeleton Spotify playlist on the mavpulse website!

2. Break Out Your Spoopy Gear!

Listen you gotta dress the part if you wanna be spoopy. Pajamas to costumes, just wear them, enough said.

3. Start Your Day of With the Perfect Spoopy Breakfast!

Candy 🙂

4. Watch a spoopy film!

Now most times TV channels will put on those old Halloween movies from the dinosaurs’ time (‘60s – ‘90s). Netflix will generally be up there for horror movie selection, but if you’re like me and cry every time you see a horror movie they tend to put on cute Halloween themed movies. Either way, roll up in your blankets, become a sushi roll, watch your spoopy movies, eat your candy.

5. Send dank Halloween memes to family and friends

Let’s be honest, you wanna do it. Do it.

6. Get ready for trick or treating

So maybe you’re a tad bit older and being cute isn’t helping your candy status. I have a plan that should help. Yes it may be a tad bit mean but hey―more candy! If you happen to see those houses that just leave a bowl full of candy and say “take one”, and you see a bunch of trick or treaters heading there, just run. Run up and stick a sign that says they don’t have candy and just take it. Walk away with the bowl and all. You wanna scare people? Scare the trick or treaters to the point where they drop their bags. Pick it up, it’s technically your property now.

7. Avoid Trick or Treaters

You don’t like people? Make a big sign that tells people that there is no human being there. If a person decides to go up to your door and continuously ring your doorbell, there is no proof that you were the one who threw the shoe.

8. Post your candy haul on snapchat

Gotta show off that candy though.

9. Spoopy dinner

Pizza and candy should suffice.

10. Candy time!

Back to the sushi roll eat the candy you Magically gained!

Happy Halloween you witches. Be safe.