Shark Tank

Estephanie Jimenez, Editor

Business management teacher Mr. Charles played the infamous show Shark Tank for his class to watch in mid October.

“Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs come in with their products that they’ve designed and companies that they’ve put together and they try to get financing from a panel of people that they call the sharks,” said Mr. Charles.

The show consists a group of entrepreneurs such as Barbara Corcoran who borrowed $1000 to start a real estate business that made her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. Mark Cuban an entrepreneur since the age of 12, Lori Greiner a prolific inventor of retail products, Robert Herjavec who has helped negotiate the sales of technology, Daymond John who has created fashionable sports wear, and Kevin O’Leary who has made his money through teaching children how to read. These people are called the sharks.

People can gather multiple tips from what the sharks tell the entrepreneurs. These sharks  ask especially important questions that have important values in the real world.

“Shark Tank is a really good tool because it basically lets students see how the real world works for trying to fund a business,” explained Mr. Charles.

Shark Tank  demonstrates as well to students how a presentation should be done.

“It gives them good examples of how presentations are done,” said Mr. Charles. “It shows the importance of knowing your product well, knowing your business well, and knowing the financials concerning your business.”

There are several objectives that the class has hoped to gather and learn from watching the show.

“Knowing how to answer questions if you’re asked something about your business, how to understand how to evaluate your company, how to do a good sales presentation or a good presentation in general, and get a little more well versed in how financing and deals are set up,” said Mr. Charles.

The class  will definitely be seeing more of Shark Tank in the future!

“It’s a great tool, students can always learn from the show.”