Zodiac Sign

Destini Johnson

“The new zodiac sign makes me a virgo, so I refuse to believe that I am a virgo, and will continue to identify as a scorpio as long as I live,” stated Alejandra Carcobra .

What is this new zodiac sign? Why would NASA incorporate a sign based on constellation that alters many people’s horoscopes? How do we feel about this new zodiac sign?

“I don’t really care. I don’t really believe in zodiac signs,” Arely said, not focusing too much on it.

“It’s fake. Like I would’ve been a taurus instead of a gemini. I don’t know, I think its fake because it doesn’t make any sense,” said Erin Knoeppel as her opinion on the zodiac sign.

“What. That was an actual thing?” said Leilani Chiong after realizing that the rumors were true.

While many of the A-TECH students had something to say about the situation, other students had no idea of what was happening.

“There’s a new zodiac, I’m pretty surprised?” replied incoming sophomore Isaura Ramirez.

The new zodiac sign named Ophiuchuslands 19 days in between scorpio and sagittarius, which has shifted and altered everyone’s horoscope. How did it affect some people’s horoscopes?

“It’s stupid for NASA to go and change something that’s been around for some time. I’m not calling NASA stupid, I am calling the concept of it stupid. Like people have known that actual zodiac signs,“ said junior Cloudia Wooten.

Ophiuchus has caught everyone by surprise, shifting everyone’s zodiac signs and changing what some have identified with their whole life.