Donovan Brooks and Miranda Cain

On Friday one of the biggest events at A-TECH took place: Board Game Marathon. The biggest party of the year lasted from 2:10 PM to 6:30 PM at night with 475 people attending.

“Very good party. Very fun a great way to spend time with friends!” said Pamela Pioquinto, a senior, regarding her first BGM.

Students line up to get pizza.
Miranda Cain
Students line up to get pizza.

Even kids from other schools came to BGM!

“It’s really loud and I feel like I’m being dragged around,” said Melanie Tierney sister of one of A-TECH’s seniors, about her first BGM.

Several adults attended as well, even ones who are not coordinators like Mr. Patterson. Regarding this year’s BGM, Patterson says.

“I think it was a big success: there were 475 kids who came… I saw that lots of people were having fun and using a lot of the outdoor games that we don’t normally use, like the ping pong and the giant chess; it seemed like everyone was having a good time.”

The number of attendees is down from last year, but Patterson said that “anything over 400 is a success” and “there was a time where anything over 200 was a huge success.”

“We always do little things that are different, lately what we’ve done that’s a bit different is that we’ve provided more outdoor activities, because the inside is getting pretty crowded, so we wanted things for them to do outside… Sometimes we post stuff, like a little input on our Google Classroom or else on our Facebook page to get ideas from people. We would welcome anybody who has some ideas or suggestions.
“I used to think, kids like this, because of the board games,” said Patterson, “but I think why it works at our school is because we make great friends, and we never get time to hang out with them. It isn’t that we’re some sort of board game Mecca, you know, it’s been successful because friends want to hang out with friends, and that’s kind of what Board Game Marathon is.”