Complex Machines


Miranda Cain


This week in the sophomore engineering class the students are working on building simple machines.

“It’s stressful,” said sophomore Tey-Veon Fears.

Other sophomores shared a similar opinion to Tey-Veon.

“Really stressful,” said sophomore Tommy Ngyen.

Sophomores Val Stovner and Adriana Cazas
Sophomores Val Stovner and Adriana Cazas

“Oh my goodness it’s been really stressful but really fun. I see it as you could have gone one of two ways you could have gone the easy way or the hard way my group went the hard way so we had a lot of issues. But, we finally made it work and I’m so happy,” said sophomore Adriana Cazas.

According to the man himself, Mr. Underwood, engineering teacher, the sophomores are “learning about simple machines, building them, and learning about how they make life easier.”

While this project is a large part of the sophomore class Mr. Underwood says there is a larger idea at work behind it.

“The big thing about this project is it’s not about building or programming a machine. It’s about learning to work in a team, which is a skill that every student needs. These skills [are useful] no matter where they go,” said Mr. Underwood.


Overall the sophomore engineering class has some interesting things ahead of them according to Mr. Underwood.

“Next we’re going into electronics. Back when we had block classes we used to build little electronic kits but, we’ll still do some interesting things.”