Open Letter: Gimpy the Goose


Gimpy the Goose. Photo by Miranda Cain.

Miranda Cain, Editor

Dear Gimpy,

May I call you Gimpy?

You inspire me as you limp across the field struggling to keep up with your gaggle. Seeing you broke my heart and filled it with hope.

Starting from the lake, you struggled behind the rest of your migrating gaggle. Up until the field, some stayed behind with you but here they left you behind and continued on to the far field.

Here was where your journey began to inspire me. You sat in that field and I feared the worst for you, Gimpy. But you had the field to eat from and you also accepted food from the ignorant people who were teasing you and not leaving you alone.

Seeing you, Gimpy, reminded me of school and how students act. Some struggle along behind their gaggle with the help of the few who will remain with them. Then suddenly those people decide that it’s no longer worth staying behind and abandon them. That struggling person decides that it’s not worth struggling on and sits and accepts the actions of ignorant people who decide that the struggling student is the weak link.

Here, Gimpy, is where students need to learn from you. Bite at their fingers and tell those ignorant people “No, I will not go down without a fight!” and then Gimpy, like you, students need to fly.

Thank you Gimpy for the inspiration.


Students everywhere