DDD: Dogs, Dreams, and Dance


Skyler Lange

Starting from the left of the table: Rachell, Finn Lakeotes, Johanna Guerrero, Alec Espinoza, Willow Layand, Aimy Paulsen, Samantha Fabela-Andaya, Sarah Huynh, Isabelle Iwatsubo, Tiyo, Noah Chong

Skyler Lange

Dogs, Dreams, and Dance 101 is a place where students can go and talk about their admiration of dogs, interpret their dreams, and have fun while developing their dance skills.

When the DDD community isn’t polishing up on their new dance moves the club is out assisting in taking care of local shelter animals.

Dogs, Dreams, and Dance 101 meets every Wednesday in room 610 durring assistance period. For additional information contact Co-President Samantha Fabela-Andaya or club advisor Mrs. Lindemann in room 610.