Key Club


Ken Julian

Estephanie Jimenez, Editor

This nationally recognized club, Key Club, is where a majority of A-TECH students love to participate as active members. They meet every Thursday after school in the lecture hall until late buses.

“Key Club this year is over 160 members strong,” stated senior Noah Chong, Key Club President.

In order to be an actual member and to participate in activities that members volunteer for, there is a fee to pay.

“In past years we’ve had many socials, including ice-skating and bowling,” said Noah. “Volunteering-wise, we’ve worked with Three Square and the Children’s Miracle Network to directly assist our immediate communities.”

There are various other experiences in store for Key club that involve traveling out of state.

“Big events are Fall Rally, which is a trip to Six Flags and a way to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program, and Relay for Life, which is an overnight event dedicated to raising funds for the American Cancer Society.”

However, in order to go to Six Flags Fall Rally, members must attend RTC.

“RTC stands for Regional Training Conference. It is an event where Key clubs all around Las Vegas attend and learn the fundamental tenants of Key Club and what it means to be a member of this organization.”

Since Key club spends much of their time together preparing for activities like RTC, they have learned to find friendships in one another.

“Officially, we’re a club, but all Key clubbers are connected like family and that’s what makes it so great,” said Noah. “Key club welcomes any individual, both quiet and outspoken, and transforms these members into leaders who care about their communities and their impact in the world.”