A-TECH Reacts: Salad Bar in the SAC

Students had their pick of salad for lunch when A-TECH introduced the salad bar on September 23. Students now have another option to the hot lunch, grab n’ go, and a la carte options available at the lunch counter.

“I love it,” said Principle Synold. “I think it’s a great addition to our choices for lunch. More and more students are getting reduced lunch at our schools. I think it’s important for us to have options for everyone. It’s a pilot program, there’s only four other schools in the district that have it, so that’s why it’s so important to utilize it.”

The salad bar is a great lunch option that has only been available at few schools so far. Some of the administration have had an opportunity to try the salad bar as well.

“No, I actually haven’t eaten at the salad bar,” said Principle Synold. “I always eat after second lunch so I need to try to get myself over there. My secretary has, a few other people in our office have, and they all love it.”

While Mr. Synold hasn’t tried the salad bar, he does have a taste for salads.

“They have the chicken, the fresh foods, and everything going you would get at a a normal salad bar,” said Mr. Synold. “Do they have croutons? I love croutons.”

Ryan Ramirez, Freshman
Hayden Lamoureux, Freshman
Mr. Synold, Principal
David Traber, Kitchen Manager
Daisy Lopez, Freshman
Ms. Littman, Assistant Principal
Marc Llave, Junior
Alexa Painter, Freshman
ZahRiyah Santana, Sophomore
Axel Arriaga, Sophomore
Oscar Torvio, Sophomore
Jefrin Jojan, Freshman
Lucy Vargas, Sophomore
Gabby Morales, Freshman
Marcus Winters, Freshman
Alexis Galindo, Sophomore
Olivia Hergenoroede, Freshman

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