UNR Came to A-TECH


Johanna Guerrero, Editor in Chief

The University of Nevada Reno visited A-TECH on September 27, to present to seniors the different colleges and programs available on their campus.

Seniors were split into two presentation groups and both presented to the Colleges of Science, Business, Liberal Arts, Education, the Honors program, and School of Journalism.
Representing the College of Science were Christina Cho and Liz Ball. In this program, 90% of the classes are taught by faculty and there are many research opportunities available. The College of Science offers the Golden Scholars Program.
The College of Business was presented by Gregrette Perry. As someone who had switched her major five times, she emphasized the importance of finding a program that suits the student. The College of Business offers the Nevada FIT program and internships, as well as many opportunities to apply for study abroad programs to help students connect to business on an international level.
For the College of Liberal Arts presented LJ Johnson and Santana Ridi. The College of Liberal Arts provides students with the opportunity to build mindsets and analytical skills that can apply to multiple areas.
The College of Education offers four different majors and programs such as the IETP, for secondary education. In the IETP program for secondary education, students in the program have the opportunity to log hours in an actual classroom and become certified to teach from middle through high school. All students are required to have experience in the classroom but with the IETP program, students in the program gain those internship experiences.
The UNR Honors Program is for students looking for a different kind of education. The classroom is still in the same traditional setting but class sizes are often smaller and there are more personal connections with the professors. The small class sizes allows students to really interact one on one with their teachers, and often students have more opportunities to study outside of the classroom with activities.
In brief summary of some of the colleges and program available at the University of Nevada, Reno, students were handed brochures detailing further information about the university.