A-TECH Reacts: Recent Terror Attacks

Over the weekend three attacks happened in the United States. The first was Saturday morning a pipe bomb exploded near the track of a charity race in New Jersey, eight people were injured but no casualties have been reported. Then Saturday evening a man dressed in a security guard’s uniform stabbed eight people in Minnesota, again no fatalities have been reported. Around the same time in Chelsea, New York a pressure cooker filled with shrapnel exploded, twenty nine people were injured but no fatalities. A second bomb was found four blocks away from the original bomb and it was removed safely. Finally, late Sunday night and early Monday morning up to five explosive devices were found inside a backpack inside a trash can in Elizabeth, New Jersey, one device exploded while being handled by a robot but the others were removed safely.

Wyatt Layland, Freshman
Michael Horowitz, Senior
Kaitlyn Montgomery, Sophomore
Jaylin Hood, Junior
Ms. Crawford, Teacher
Ms. Woods, Teacher
Ms. Ziegler, Teacher
Ms. Lindemann, Teacher

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