New Visions and Changes


Lucy Vargas

School principal Jonathan Synold

Destini Johnson

Walking into school, sleep deprived students have stayed up late the night before, excited for school. That doesn’t really matter anymore because you’re awake now, and you reunite with your friends that you’ve missed all summer.

The bell rings and everyone scatters looking for their homeroom. You get your schedules and start snapping pictures to all your friends, comparing classes and lunches. You’re ready. It’s Monday, August 29, the very first day of school.

Not only students, but teachers, staff members, and our principal, Jonathan Synold, gets excited for school too. It is a new year and a new start for our principal to make improvements and create a new vision for our school.

Since there are many new students on campus, Mr. Synold wants to make sure everyone gets involved in student activities and participates in clubs. He knows that everyone needs a niche no matter what it is, to feel like you are a part of the community.

“I think one is to get the word out,” said Mr. Synold. “We’re looking into purchasing T.V.s for the atrium and one in the SAC, so we can put on announcements and students can see those. We’re using social media, redesigning the web page, and we are adding classes as electives that are also clubs.”

Mr. Synold knows that everyone can’t all get into certain classes because of full classrooms, so he thought that by making them clubs, students won’t miss anything.

“My vision for this year is to continue a lot of success that we’ve had for many years prior. To push our students up to a national level.”

As a school we have already been recognized in the state and Las Vegas as an academically successful school, but he feels we need to be recognized for all the things we do on a national level, so this year we will be applying for more awards.

“We have a very high retention rate and high academic success.”

Not only is there a high percentage of students who come back the following year, but the amount of success is equally as high too.

”Adding more AP classes when appropriate, pushing students to take AP classes, looking at prerequisites and making sure that they’re appropriate, moving us forward, and improving ACT scores for all students,” are some ideas Mr. Synold has in mind to create and improve.

We already have some of the highest scores in the state, but there are gaps with different groups of students; Mr. Synold wants A-TECH students to close them.