Improv Showcase


A-TECH’s Improv club will be hosting a showcase on Wednesday, December 4 from 2:30 to 3:45 in the lecture hall.

The event is free for all A-TECH students who want to come see a witty and hilarious on-the-spot show. The showcase will be formatted like a regular season improv show, which begins in January 2020. Players will perform ‘games’ on stage, in which they create scenes and characters all on their own without any beforehand preparation.

“It’s a nice escape from the everyday worries of midterms and classes,” said Improv president Jonathon Perez. “It’s a fun place to just [stay] and see random [things] with friends.”

Audience members are also able to interact with the performers on stage by yelling out suggestions for the different scenarios required.

“Before each game we ask for suggestions from the audience to make each game unique and keep the show interactive,” said Perez.

Improv is a competitive club that plays in matches with other schools starting in January. These shows, too, are free for any student who wants to watch.

For any students who enjoy the show on Wednesday and think they would like to give improv a try, the club practices on Wednesdays in room 308.