Computer Science Barbecue


Rachelle Lewis

Mr. Mayo lecturing his Computer Science 3 Honors students.

Rachelle Lewis

Computer science students gathered into the S.A.C. after school last Thursday and Friday to participate in a barbeque social. In hopes to find their prospective mentee for the school year, upperclassmen met underclassmen, and those freshmen and sophomores made contact with their future mentors in this event, fashioned to have each other well acquainted with one another.

“It was definitely a unique experience in which both upper and underclassmen in the computer science programming area were able to socialize and become comfortable with each other,” said junior Mhelvin Pineda.  “For us juniors it allowed us a way to welcome incoming students to A-TECH and give them a backdrop of information to help clear some of the perhaps intimidation, and overwhelming feeling that freshmen might have towards programming.”

The barbeque was held by Mr. Mayo, who won Teacher of the Game last year. Because of the bountiful support he received by students and parents, he was able to provide the food without having to spend his $500 dollar reward from the award.

“This event also shows the dedication and effort from Mr. Mayo, our wonderful teacher who is willing to hold special events such as these to further the major as a whole,” added Mhelvin.

“It was a pretty good way to socialize and find peers who can help mentor,” said freshman Joshua Milan.

Alyssa Jose, junior, also said “I think mentoring underclassmen can help them with computer science, especially the fact that they are taking it for the very first time. It’s a great experience for them and for me.”