What Happened With the Teacher Strike?


User mohamed_hassan via Pixabay

If you’ve been wondering what happened to the CCSD teacher strike, The Teachers’ Union and CCSD have reached an agreement to avoid what would’ve been a strike on September 10th. A meeting was held on August 28th at the CCSD headquarters as a last-minute attempt to avoid the strike.

When asked about his opinion on this new agreement, Greg Bailey, an educator at A-TECH who planned to join the strike, said, “I believe that CCSD agreed to it because they had no leg to stand on.”

Bailey, like many others, had fallen victim to CCSD not living up to previous contracts. He had spent thousands of dollars pursuing a higher education, was promised a salary increase, and was left with no increase and much debt.

Similar stories to Bailey’s were spread throughout the CCSD area. Outrage sparked from CCSD’s continuous empty promises. This caused a planned strike on September 10th. Thousands of teachers were said to have been joining. Many kids were hoping their teachers joined, not only for the free day, but also in support of getting their teachers better pay.

Crisanta Campos, a sophomore, said, “I don’t think teachers get paid as much as they should be, [and] to go years into debt for a career where they’re not paid enough for their service isn’t fair in my opinion.”

Fortunately, an agreement was reached in favor of avoiding the Teacher Union’s huelga on August 28th, just 13 days before the planned strike day. According to this new agreement, teachers will receive:

  • A 3 percent adjustment for every employee in the bargaining unit with an adjustment on the current salary schedule
  • A step increase in each year of the contract (2019-2020 and 2020-2021) for every eligible employee of the bargaining unit
  • A 4 percent increase in both years in CCSD’s contribution to monthly health insurance premiums
  • A column advancement for every employee of the bargaining unit who has completed their Professional Growth System (PGS) requirements of meeting the 225 contact units per Article 26 of the collective bargaining agreement for each year of the current contract

Upon ratification of the economic re-opener, the parties agreed to form working groups to discuss a new PGS with research based system that improves teacher practice to improve student achievement.

This contract sparks hope for many. CCSD hopes that with this compromise, staff will feel compensated for their hard work, teachers hope that with this new agreement they will finally receive the pay and benefits they deserve, and students hope their teachers will finally be paid justly for their service.