CCSD Celebrates the First Year of the New Gender Diversity Policy

Our world is ever changing and everyday something is different, whether it’s for the better or the worse. CCSD is now celebrating its first year with a policy that made a very large difference in quite a lot of students’ lives. That being the newly passed policy on gender diversity being respected and kept safe within our district.

For those of you that don’t know, gender diversity is used as a term to call people that don’t identify with their birth gender, whether they’re non-binary (prefers no gender), transgender (identifies as the opposite gender they were born with), gender fluid (switches between genders), etc. It’s a very controversial topic, but that didn’t stop CCSD from accepting this new policy.

The policy is meant to assure that all students that prefer a specific gender over their birth one are able to identify and use that gender within class settings. This means that if a student has a preferred name or pronoun, that name or pronoun will now be reinforced to faculty.

This also includes students being able to go into the bathroom that they correspond with, as well as the locker rooms and PE classes where students are separated by gender.

Here at A-TECH we have a few students that are already lucky enough to be able to be able to enjoy the benefits of this newly passed policy.

This would mark the first year that it has been put in place and it will continue to be reinforced throughout the entirety of CCSD and perhaps more changes will be made to further benefit all students throughout CCSD and hopefully even our entire country.