One Man Band

Music can be an ally to a musician. Whether it is a simple bop on the radio, you tapping a beat with your pencil on your desk, or a beautiful melody played by a musician and his instrument.

A guitar can be a musicians best friend, a humble object that can be relied on, at least that’s the way Chevy Andrada sees it. Chevy Andrada is A-TECH’s very own Rock for Change president, and has been for only one term. The role was sort of passed down onto him, not really a choice but then again, not the worst thing in the world. He is currently a junior, but since his freshman he’s been a loyal member of the club. As president, he arranges meetings, talks about the clubs plans to perform and the fun part: assigning songs to the group members. Andrada does admit that this job is certainly not easy.

“Things can be a little stressful sometimes, like when we performed at the carnival, but the payoff is nice when people watch us,” said Andrada

Moving away from the president position, music is something Andrada does to unwind and to have fun with, sort of like a hobby. Going more in depth into the mind of a musician, Andrada explained that as a musician you can be a sense of mixed emotions, or a bit of “fogginess” as he explained. These emotions can be relaxation, joy, or in Andrada’s case, a sense of fulfillment.

Andrada explained,  “To most people, music is a background. When I play music in silence or for others, it gives me satisfaction.”

Growing up, Andrada listened to a lot of rock and was always intrigued by the guitar, which is one of the main instruments he plays now. What made him want to pursue learning music was his older sister, Sydni Gloeckner, a role model for him. Gloeckner started taking lessons at their local recreational center, Silver Mesa. Once Andrada noticed this, he was intrigued, but not just by the guitar.

“She learned how to play the guitar and seeing a bigger figure doing something cool inspires younger people. If your younger and have an older sibling, you’re obviously going to want to follow everything they do. So with my sister playing guitar, it just drew me to her even more and I felt that playing guitar would make me more like her. I started playing in middle school and haven’t stopped since,” said Andrada.

Now the part we have all been waiting for, where we talk about his music and his amazing skills.  Andrada can play 5 different types of instruments. I know, mind blown. He can play guitar, bass guitar, a little bit of drums and the piano. The methods he used in learning his instruments were all mostly different. He has [rovided a roadmap to his musical journeys:

“The guitar I started playing in sixth grade and the present, they offered guitar classes so I jumped in on that. As for the bass I started playing in the eighth grade and I just translated what I took from guitar and implemented it into my bass playing, I basically learned it by myself. For the piano, I learned by ear since I had a basic understanding of the guitar, I translated the notes on to the piano. For the other instruments (harmonica and drums) I just YouTubed it,” stated Andrada.

Out of all of those instruments, Chevy’s favorite instrument to play is the bass guitar, which is normally found in rock music, his preferred genre. One of his favorite songs to play is of course a rock song: “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Andrada explained, “It’s an underrated instrument, but I love the bass guitar. In rock music, you mainly hear guitars but what a lot of people fail to notice or listen to is the Bass. For a common person you can take the bass out of the song and they wouldn’t notice unless you were actually listening.”

It’s time to get a little advice from the expert, starting out on music can be stressful so here’s a little motivation from the boss:

“If you like music and are interested and want to learn how to play an instrument, go for it. There’s no right or wrong age in pursuing music, you can be 50 years old and pick up a guitar and start playing it if you really wanted to.”

Although he doesn’t see music as a career for him, he definitely plans on keeping it as a long term hobby.

On a more personal note, something that I’ve grown to find out about Chevy is that he is extremely focused and passionate in everything he does, not just in music but in everyday life. To be able to learn 5 different types of instruments takes a lot of patience, some spare time, effort and dedication. That is clearly shown in Chevy when you first meet him, and it is something extraordinary. I’ve never met someone so skilled and yet so kind without a single trace of cockiness in him. He is amazing and I’m thankful to have meet one of my role models in music. All in all, Chevy’s great and so is his music. Thank you for listening to my ted talk.