A Non-Clinical Brand

Clothes are a necessity for humans, as well as a fashionable piece of statement. There are many different types of clothes that can be worn to express style and personality. Picture yourself being able to make your own clothes and having people interested in wearing them. What if you could also make a profit out of doing something you love as well? That’s something many of us dream to do.

Roberto Hernandez, and junior here at A-TECH, owns his own clothing brand called Clinical Suffering. Being a student at A-TECH, having household responsibilities, and owning his own clothing brand isn’t an easy task. Although, it is something that he enjoys which helps to express his style.

Roberto Hernandez was born here in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 15, 2002. He has grown up with his mother, sister, grandma, and grandpa. Growing up he enjoyed drawing and playing video games, knowing that he wanted to do something that implemented his artistic side. He came to A-TECH majoring in architecture, hoping to have a career that utilizes that.

He started his own clothing brand with his cousin Dayron in the month of April of 2018. Roberto started the brand wanting to express his style and seeing others express their styles through his clothing.

“The best part about having my own brand is being able to express my own style because every design comes from a part of me that has history,” stated Hernandez. “I want my feelings to be expressed on the clothes that I create.”

This brand that Hernandez has designed is going to be just one year old this month. With any business that is created, the first few years will be a struggle, since acquiring new customers and testing out the products will be difficult. Although he has had some minor setbacks, owning his brand has been one of the highlights of his year.

“One of the positives about owning my brand is the amount of love and support I receive from my friends and family,” said Hernandez.

“Receiving the love from random people when they see my clothes is a great feeling.”

With owning some type of business, the numbers can get complicated quickly.

“The profits come from the base price of the item, for example, a shirts base price is $19, so I set the price to $25 to get $6 profit from each shirt sold,” said Hernandez.

Starting a brand from nothing as well as being a high school student is pretty impressive when you see how much time and effort he has invested in improving his brand.

When I asked Hernandez what was the most difficult part about owning his brand, he replied with a tone of ambivalence.

“A difficult part about owning this brand is not being popular at this time. It’s hard to make profit when sales aren’t being made,” uttered Hernandez. In addition, he also stated, “Receiving hate instead of love can be tough when you put so much effort into something you love.”

As hopefully the business continues to grow, Roberto Hernandez hasn’t had to realize how hard the ‘grind’ really is.

“It is not difficult to promote my brand, many connections through social media make that happen easily, however, as I advertise my brand it does not get many people’s attention. But the grind isn’t real yet,” said Hernandez.

As Roberto is doing an exceptional job handling all of responsibilities and interests, a couple of Hernandez’s friends do believe he is doing a great job managing his time and being a great innovator.

“Berto is one of my closest friends I’d say. I’m pretty close to Berto as we went to the same middle school and got close at A-TECH freshmen year not really knowing anyone at the beginning,” said Kunae Martinez, a close friend of Roberto Hernandez.

As Martinez is close to Hernandez from earlier on than high school, Henry Obregon has developed another close relationship with Hernandez as well.

“I feel that Roberto is a great person with  a good heart. He is very opened minded, especially when it comes to what he is passionate about, such as music and clothing,” said Obregon.

When asked about how much of Hernandez’s personality he enjoys, Obregon said, “There’s a lot of things I like about Roberto. His chill personality and good sense of humor. He keeps quiet which fits my personality.”

A similar response with Martinez, “Berto is a cool friend overall. Hanging out with him is chill and fun, which makes for a good time with him.”

As Hernandez’s personality is appreciated by his peers, so is his brand.

“I think it’s dope how a student is coming up with original ideas and new concepts, which are also visually appealing, and how he’s becoming an entrepreneur at a young age,” stated Martinez.

“I love his clothing brand. I’m going to purchase a Clinical Suffering sweater. I think it’s a very unique brand with outstanding designs and color ways,” said Obregon.

As Roberto Hernandez has juggled the life of a student and a beginning entrepreneur, he has definitely made the most out of his adolescent life. Roberto Hernandez has loving friends and family that support his brand and his dreams. Without a doubt, whatever the future hold for Hernandez, we are certain that he will be determined and successful with whatever he chooses to pursue in life.