Stan Culture Must Be Stopped

Stan culture must be stopped, point blank period. Okay, first off what is a stan? A stan can be defined as an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity. A lot of stans live true to that definition. As a stan myself, I am very much immersed in stan culture and I see just how toxic it can be.

Almost every celebrities stans are toxic in some way, but some stans take it way to far. These are some of the most toxic celebrity standoms:


Now, I am a Barb myself. I’m a huge fan of Nicki Minaj and I absolutely adore her, but the Barbs have to be the worst standom to ever exist. Nicki is no longer in her prime and a lot of the Barbs can’t seem to accept that. They drag anyone who dares criticize for the Queens rapper in any way shape or form. Rapper Mariah Lynn accused the Barbs of beating up her mother. They hacked Rapper Kash Doll’s account and constantly tear apart any new female rapper that comes on the scene. They are also known to bully Nicki for everything from her wigs to her weight; they’re simply ruthless. They need to be stopped.


While they have calmed down in recent years, the Beyhive was and still is one of the most problematic fan bases out in the scene. They’re most notable for swarming anybody who dares challenge the Queen Beyoncé with ‘Bey’ emojis. They have gotten shows cancelled, ruined careers, and basically black balls anyone who so much as criticizes Beyoncé even when she is in the wrong. They still to this day constantly rip apart Jay-Z for cheating on Beyoncé even after she herself forgave him. In their eyes, Beyoncé is practically a God, which is why they created a new religion called Beyism. They must be stopped.


Wowzers, it seems like they’re everywhere. You can’t escape the fan base of K-Pop stars. They’re everywhere, from Twitter to YouTube comments, and it seems you can’t go anywhere without encountering someone from this fan base. It’s honestly exhausting at this point. You’re also often accused of being racist if you don’t enjoy K-Pop. They must be stopped.

All in all, stan culture is extremely toxic. Stans can be some of the most obsessive, ruthless, and just down right evil people on social media. They do it for a reason though. The celebrities they stan might have done something that impacted them greatly and they just want to show their love and gratitude, but the way some of them go about it as absolutely terrifying.

Stan culture also absolutely supports this nasty behavior. When you see other people that do the same ugly things as you in the name of a celebrity, you don’t mind doing these things anymore because it’s not a big deal, but stan culture can ruin lives as stans can be the most ruthless bullies.

In conclusion, stan culture must be stopped.