Her Story


Angel Mesiti

Shani Macon

WARNING: Some of the topics included in this article can be triggering to certain viewer. These topics include mental illness, suicide, and violence.

Shani Macon is a 14 year old girl with a lot of energy. She is known as a very happy and wild person. She always has a positive attitude and is very hyperactive. She wasn’t always like that though. She has been through a lot, and has grown from it. This is her story.

Macon was adopted when she was just five weeks old, and has suffered through various mental illnesses. She has been to 4 mental institutions and all except one were for anger management. The most recent one was not because she needed anger management. She was suicidal, and tried to hurt herself by overdosing.

“Me and my mom used to get into a lot of physical fights and last summer I attempted suicide, and was stuck in a mental hospital for a week. I almost went to long term but luckily my mom pulled me out of it,” said Macon.

Macon says that she regrets fighting with her mother, and doesn’t know why she treated her the way she did. Without her mom and her friends, she wouldn’t be where she is now.

“I had a lot of friend support, especially from my best friend Andy (Andrew Ponce),” said Macon.

Even though she had friend support, she didn’t have as much until she got to A-TECH. She used to have a lot of friends that were doing drugs and drinking a lot, just to seem hardcore, but now at A-TECH she has surrounded herself with positive influences.

Even though she now has positive people in her life and she is turning her life around, she still looks back and regrets the things she has done.

Macon said, “I don’t know why I was holding my mom responsible for my actions. I don’t understand why I was so mad at her, but I regret treating her that way. She’s always there for me, she’s my mom and I should have never treated her that way.”

Not only does she regret the way she treated her mom, but she also regrets her behavior from 7th grade.

“The way I treated some of my friends was bad. I was a drama starter, and I was super nosy. I used to beat people up if they looked at me or my friends the wrong way.”

Nowadays, Macon is much more responsible and she cares about her friends and family a lot more.