Houston, We Have A Problem!



On Tuesday, April 30, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors took a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Semifinals against the NBA’s Houston Rockets at Oracle Arena. This game was a critical one as the Rockets are now down 0-2 to the Defending Champs in this series.

The Rockets have complained about the officiating and foul trouble that cost them Game 1 and now possible the whole series. On Tuesday night, the Warriors won Game 2, 115-109. As it was another close game, there were some gruesome moments during those 48 minutes.

Warriors PG, Steph “The Chef” Curry, dislocated his middle finger on his left hand trying to steal the ball from Houston’s C Clint Capela following a missed shot. Following that occurrence, Rockets Superstar Guard, James Harden, was smacked in the eyes by Warriors PF Draymond Green. A few minutes later after the incident, Harden’s eyes started becoming visibly red, and he stated that it was difficult for him to ‘see’.

As these injuries didn’t stop either player from playing, both ended the night with at least 2o points scored, a great game for players with an injury.

“I think that Curry’s injury definitely impacted the game, because after that he went onto a shooting slump for a while, but he eventually picked it up in the fourth quarter,” stated junior, German Uriostegui.

When asked if he thought Curry should have gone out, he responded with a persevering statement.

“I think he should have played through it, I mean if he can play, if he feels good enough to play, he should,” said Uriostegui.

After the Curry injury, Harden was then viciously smacked in the eyes by Draymond Green, a player in the league who is well known for being ‘dirty’.

“They are high caliber players and I don’t want to see them injured, I want to see them go at it. Capela needs to start poppin’ off,” stated junior, Luke De Ocampo.

De Ocampo doesn’t like seeing any high caliber player getting injured, as it takes away from the game and the possible outcome. As Harden and Curry injuries may have restricted their abilities, Kevin Durant took over the game with 29 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1 steal leading the way for a series lead over the Rockets.

Game 3 will take place at Houston in the Toyota Center on Saturday, May 4. Hopefully the Rockets make a safe landing at home to take a game in the series.