Biggest Regrets

Throughout our lives, we experience things that stimulate our emotions. A lot of times, the decisions we make don’t end up the way we want, and that creates regret. We all regret something or other in our lives, and it may surprise you, (or reaffirm you) what A-TECH students regret.

“I regret not learning to be selfish earlier and I let a lot of people walk over me and mistreat them because I was too focused helping them but they never thought about helping me.” said senior Jay Haywood.

Haywood may have regretted something about himself, but freshman Arlette Corona has regretted something that involved someone else.

“I regret a middle school friendship that I had. I wish that I ended it because it was a toxic relationship and supposedly we weren’t on the same terms. We ended the friendship, but she didn’t really take it that well. I wish I could’ve like approached her more nicely. I mean I did it nicely but she didn’t give me a nice response back.” said Corona.

Corona may have regretted something with a friend, but so did another freshman.

“One of the biggest regrets is my friends from 6th grade. They were considered the bad kids during that time and I had a horrible experience while I was with them,” said Alana Poole