2019 NASC State Conference


From April 25 to April 27, A-TECH, accompanied by student councils across the valley, attended the NASC State conference at Legacy High School.

The NASC State conference is a great opportunity for all leaders. State is a conference leaders attend to do more of learning and having fun with others then just straight work no play. At the end of state, it is guaranteed to leave people as a more powerful and influencing leader.

“Going to state, there is a lot of good networking between you and a whole bunch of other people; future leaders will do great here. There will be a lot of good training activities to help you be a more involved citizen at your school and in your community,” STU-CO adviser Keith Thomsen said.

Day one of State, everyone walked in with the same mindset: no one really knew what exactly to expect, but we all knew for sure there were three great days stored ahead of us. Everything from that moment forward made us all better leaders and a better inspiration to others.

“I learned more about the different types of leaders there are. Personally, I learned how to break out of my shell, and most inspiring to me, how to be a better leader. There are so many more examples, they are impossible to list,” freshman Sydney Dube said.

On April 25 at 2:00 p.m., it was time for every school invited to State to check in. Checking in wasn’t that bad of a hassle at all. Once A-TECH checked in, we went straight to our council room. For about an hour, we sat in our council room before heading down to the gym for general session number one.

During general session number one, multiple things took place. Once everyone was settled in the gym, all you could focus on was how loud everyone was screaming and the excitement you could see in people’s eyes. An exciting moment for the admins, were the ‘Admin of the Year’ awards being handed out. Once everyone got all of their cheering and excitement out, it was time for us all to meet our JC groups.

Meeting our JC’s was quite a joy. We spent an hour playing getting to know you games, eating candy, and sitting on the floor a lot. Time went by fast and it was time to eat dinner already. Since today started a little later than day one and two, we only ate dinner that day and not lunch and dinner. They fed us Olive Garden, which was great because we didn’t have to be ‘fancy’ in any way.

After dinner, we all headed down to the theater for president’s forum. During this time, the current presidents spoke about their time and experiences and gave the upcoming candidates a chance to speak. We spent 40 minutes in there socializing and playing some more ‘get to know you’ games before our time was up.

It was now time for our very first workshop of the day. The workshops were 40 minutes each and within those 40 minutes a lot has happened. In our workshops we have two people teaching a lesson to about maybe 15-20 kids. The lessons the workshop presenters chose were always something that had to do with leadership.

After the workshop ended, it was time for the council to assemble. During council time, we met back up with out school’s student council and discuss some things we had learned so far. Mr. Thomsen and Ms. Underwood where there to lead every council time. We all shared our ideas and hoped that one day we could bring it back into the walls of A-TECH.

A-TECH’s Council Time

It was now time for everyone’s favorite part about state: General Session time. This general session was a little bit more interesting then the one before. This time we had a very special keynote speaker and his name was Monte Selby. Monte spoke to us each of the following days.

Keynote Speaker: Monte Selby
Monte singing with the advisiors

Once Monte was done singing to us and speaking it was now time to close out day one of state. The president candidate speeches where now approaching, and the introduction of webmaster and communications coordinator candidates where right behind it.

At 9:30 am on Friday, day two began. We kicked our day off with a little carnival, where we played competitive games with one another.

We were playing games for about two hours and some change. Before the festival was over they fed us sandwiches, cookies, and chips for our first lunch of state.

Once the festival was over it was time for general session number three. All of the general sessions lasted for about an hour. In this general session we were surprised by more keynote speakers. Friday’s keynote speaker was Kate Perkins.

Perkins talked to us bout a whole bunch of different things, even personal experiences. When she was done talking, the middle school adviser of the year was awarded. They weren’t the only ones being acknowledged though, as it was also time for Hugh Rossolo Longevity Award.

We got a new sister school were given time to meet our new sister school and learn a little bit about each other. This year our sister school was White Pine High School. We had our own presenters in our room with us. During this time we played games and did a few activities together, and it was just a nice time to meet and mingle with one another while we had the time.

Sister school meet with White Pine High School

Once we were done with our meet and greet with White Pine it was time for Workshop’s two and three.

Day 2: workshop group #3

A-TECH had regional speeches and voting before dinner. After dinner, we prepared for JC group number two. We did more of getting to know each other games, trust activities, and even tried to solve a murder as a group. JC group time was over and we are now headed to our council rooms. In our council rooms we did the usual again. We talked about what we learned and what we want to bring back to A-TECH.

By 9:30 pm it was time to close out our day with general session number four. During this session we had keynote speaker DJ Allen. DJ spoke about very inspirational things. He once mentioned how God doesn’t always give us wheat we want but he give us what we need, and, in many ways, that quotes means a lot.

High school adviser of the year awards were given out, and the run off elections all happened before day two of state was over.

By Saturday 9:00 am on the dot general session number 5 was bound to happen. We realized that since today was the last day of state everything had to be perfect. For a whole hour we did the usual we made a ton of noise for no reason, and absolutely sang our hearts out with Monte.

General session #5

A new day also meant a new set of awards. Today’s awards were new adviser of the year awards. There were many candidates for this award, and they all deserved it. When all of them were giving their awards wit was now time to announce the new state board.

Today we got extra lucky today we had two JC group sessions instead of one. The first JC group was after general session. We made this one extra special because we would only see each other two more times after this. We spent an hour with each other as usual them got happy because it was time to go eat.

Today they served us Raising Canes and when I say everyone, I man everyone was happy. Before lunch A-TECH and a few other schools had a little structure share. In our structure share we shared different ideas in different topics that we do at our school. For example like homecoming we shared a few homecoming ideas we do, Stuff like that.

Once everyone was nice and full we headed to workshops four and five. One of my workshops actually was a refresher for me. One of them I had at zone in 2018. So it was pretty cool to get to see some familiar faces.

Our Next JC group was now here and it was getting to a point where we all realized state was coming to an end. But my JC group didn’t think about it like that. We kept our smiles on our faces and just made every second count. We played more games and ate even more candy.

DeMarco Fomby was our keynote speaker for general session number six. He was another great speaker. Most felt that he connected with he audience more then some of the others. Fomby was the only great thing for session six.

Keynote Speaker: DeMarco Fomby

Now, dinner time.

Dinner today was Café Rio. It was pretty cool today because we had live DJs and dance crews out there handing out merchandise, the kids loved it. After everyone was done eating a taking a look at the art each school brought with them it was time to head back to our JC groups.

Since this was out very last time seeing each other at state, today’s activities were trust and group based. We took pictures and made sure we all got each others social medias so that we could keep in touch

Jonet’s JC Group

General session number seven was the very last thing we did before everyone parted ways. It was very heart warming and emotional. The JC’s and Monte sang their song they made for us, we watched a very long, amazing slideshow. The slideshow consisted of multiple pictures and videos of everyone and everything that happened in the last three days.

During our time at state, A-TECH brought home an amazing award. One Student Council has been pushing towards for a very long time.

A-TECH’s Silver Star Award

A-TECH had a very great time at state taking pictures, meeting new people, eating, socializing, and having good, plain fun. We all learned something new, and I can’t wait to go back!