Skip the Coffee: How to Stay Awake

Many people, especially while attending school, don’t get nearly enough sleep, making them tired throughout the day. When you have sleepy days it can be hard without something to stay awake.Caffeine can help with this, but it’s also bad long-term. Here are some helpful ways to stay awake without the caffeine.

Keep moving, keep your mind busy. Often, when not doing much at school it can be hard to stay awake. Try to keep your mind busy with simple tasks or fidget toys. This can help your mind stay alert and awake

Take a walk. When you’re feeling tired, take a break and walk to the bathroom or some other area. It might not be available all the time, but taking a walk can help get your heart rate up and wake up.

Avoid putting your head down. Putting your head down can be tempting, but doing so only makes the sleep worse. Closing your eyes in conjunction with this makes you feel even more tired and may lead to you falling asleep. Instead, do other things, like your work.

Take naps or breaks on regular schedules. Usually this is one in the morning, either on the bus or when you get to school, and one in the afternoon when you come home. Doing so will help you get more sleep and fall asleep faster so you have less days where you’re tired.

Listen to some music. Music can help you concentrate on your work and some forms of music keep you awake and alert. Just don’t listen to anything calming or it may have the opposite effect. Unless you’re some weirdo and calm music helps.

Staying awake is not too hard if you can distract your brain. To do that, just take breaks, keep moving, listen to music and never put your head down. Doing this will ensure that you stay awake and focused on your work while getting the sleep you need.