Annoying People On Social Media

If you have been on any social media outlet in the recent years, you have definitely been exposed to the vicious and obnoxious creatures known as teenagers. 

Eww. Just saying the word is bone chilling.

To get a better idea, let’s play a quick game.

Raise both your hands up. For each annoying person on social media you’ve seen, place a finger down. You win if you have at least a single hand up, which trust me, I doubt you will…

People Who Think It’s Okay To Post Rants

I know for a fact it irritates EVERYONE’S soul when people on Snapchat or Instagram post full on rants on their stories.

First of all, if we aren’t that close, I don’t want to hear about your problems. Who do I look like to you? Dr. Phil?

And second, if you truly are having personal problems, why would you want to post them for everyone to see?

Personal problems are personal for a reason, the three hundred “friends”–aka, strangers you added–you have on Snapchat don’t need to be all up in your business.

People Who Have Beef On Social Media

Literally every teenager has had “beef” with another person, it’s like a rule or something. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to do it on social media.

What is sooo annoying about people who beef on social media, is that THEY ARE ALL TALK.

They hide behind a screen and say everything they could never in person.

But when you walk by them in school, they just ignore you and act like nothing happened.

When teenagers have beef with each other, they also usually “sub” each other, which brings me to:

People Who Sub Each Other

For those who live under a rock like my friend Patrick Star and don’t know what subbing is, according to Urban Dictionary, subbing refers to ‘addressing an issue indirectly to the individual’.

Basically, it’s where you talk mess about another person, but don’t ever say who you are talking about,which is dumb.

If you were that upset about something where you would go to all the trouble of posting it, why not at least say who you are talking about, or let them know?

Wait, I know! It’s because they’re are too afraid to actually say it to their face, and in that case, just don’t say it in the first place.

Women Crush Wednesday (WCW)

The whole “WCW” thing is sooo old. If you are still posting a picture with the hashtag WCW, you got to go.

People Who Post Their Relationship TOO Much

Stop. Doing. This.

Not. All. Of. Us. Are. Lucky.

I. Don’t. Care.

I. Will. Block. You.

Clout Chasers

I hate to break it to you, but if you think flexing on your social media is attractive, it’s not. Girls hate that. It makes you seem like you have no self-confidence and need to prove yourself to someone.

Nobody cares if you have the newest Jordans, iPhone, or AirPods. So quit posting about them.

People Who Post Viral Challenges

Jeez, how old are you? Stop being a bandwagon.

People Who Complain That Nobody Texts Them, But Then Leaves Everyone On Read

If you do this, I don’t blame you. I, myself, fall victim to this spreading disease.

You just keep doing you queen, you’re perfect. LOL 😉

In conclusion, if you are anyone listed above, “stop, get some help,” and reevaluate your life.


You should really think about removing some of your “friends” (strangers) on your social media.