Trial in a Judge’s Court


Seniors in legal studies took a field trip to a real judges courtroom to perform trials with a real judge on April 25. They are given an opportunity to see their possible future profession.

“Students have done mock trials here in the classroom before in their junior year now they’re graduating seniors and I want them to have the experience in doing a trial in a real courtroom with a real judge,” said Legal Studies teacher David Eason.

Students felt it was a great opportunity to put everything they’ve learned over the past four years to use.

“It was a really good experience it made me realize I never want to do a trial in all actuality but I think it was a really good experience just to be able to put all of the things we learned for four years and create a product at the end of it,”  said senior Yamilex Rosa.

Students really enjoyed the trial and found the experience interesting.

“I think it was really interesting especially to see the judge and how he interprets everything. Also it was very competitive because we did it against the other class but the other side did very well,” said senior Victoria Alexs

Students got really into the lawyer mindset and can spent a good amount of time working on the trial.

“Last year we went three and a half hours without a break when they leave they’ll have a good feeling of what it’s like to be an attorney,” said Eason.

The judge was even impressed with the students work, he even asked to see them again and he will be visiting them soon.