University of Nevada Reno Visits Again!

Angel Acosta-Garcia, Cub Writer

Once again, the University of Nevada Reno has come to A-TECH. One of the representatives came and spoke to the Juniors about financial aid.

You might start to ask ‘what exactly is financial aid?’

In this case, the representative talked about financial aid with college or university, student loans and other expenses that come along the way.

Dr. Park took her students to see the representative speaking at Mr. Guild’s classroom. She says “it’s [the presentation is] also partially to help people see that going out of state can be really expensive and costly.”

Dr. Park commented that it can be costly to go out of state, mostly due to debt from student loans (that you might have used), which can take a long time to pay off.

The presentation was mostly for Juniors because they’re the ones who are going through the process of choosing what college or university to attend, as well as how to get aid with school expenses.

A-TECH would like to thank the University of Nevada Reno representative that came, for speaking to the Juniors, and awaits for their next visit on informing students