Transformice Adventures (& Why You Should Keep an Eye on It)


Melibellule (from Atelier801)

Atelier801 is one of my favorite game developers. They’re active in their fanbase and haven’t ever gone 100% quiet. They take suggestions for their game actively, and, despite all of their games being free MMOs, don’t have a pay to win system.

For example, Transformice. Transformice is their most popular game, boasting an average of 750+ players daily (according to Steam Spy). Despite how easily they could capitalize on it, the only way they make money is through nonintrusive ad banners below your game and Fraises, a currency you buy to only dress up your character. Even then, you can earn Cheese by playing the game to buy clothing, too (admittedly the conversation rate is very high between Cheese and Fraises, it’s roughly 1 Fraise equals 100 Cheese).

However, Transformice is dying down, it can no longer be their main source of money. This is why Atelier801 has started another project–Transformice Adventures. They’ve been very active with this project, like their other games, and have been in touch with the community about the game since day 1. Despite how the demo isn’t even out yet, they’ve already opened suggestions for the game.

As of now, Transformice Adventures is described as a RPG (roleplaying game) with a small spin on the classes available. It’s set in the same ‘universe’ as Transformice, with the characters you play as being mice.

The classes that are currently released Cook, Botanist, Journalist, and Trickster. These classes should show you that this game shouldn’t be written off as another RPG game.

Another aspect of the game is, like Transformice, the game promises a large wardrobe, one that won’t affect your stats. Atelier801 can continue to make updates to the game from the money spent on clothing without making it pay to win.

Atelier801 also loves to give out Beta keys, letting select people play the game before it comes out and test it. Even if you have no connection to them, they give keys out often. They’ve already started giving out keys, with the demo release coming out so soon. Atelier801 has done this before with the game they made in 2017, DeadMaze.

If it wasn’t proven to you before that Atelier801 was active in their fanbase, Melibellule (the main artist) livestreams her drawing new costumes or game assets at least once a month. She takes suggestions here too, and even answers questions regarding new updates (even one of my suggestions has been taken before! I suggested a witch hat for a new Halloween badge, and it was actually put into Transformice).

Not only is Transformice Adventures interesting so far, but the company behind it is active in their community. They don’t make a game and leave, they continue to work on it after release and take suggestions. Keeping an eye on Transformice Adventures (and maybe looking at their past games) would be worthwhile.


Transformice Adventure’s Steam page can be found here.