Are You The Back-Up Friend? (Part 2)

PSA: Wenxin lies!

Recently, a certain staff writer has claimed that she is our “back up friend.” However, these allegations are entirely false. If anything, we are back up friends to her.

Wenxin has claimed that she cares about our feelings more than we care about hers. In reality, the opposite is true. We frequently compliment Wenxin’s skills and wardrobe, as friends often do to be encouraging.. Meanwhile, she makes fun of us and writes fake articles, and then turns around and says we’re the bad friends?

She even leaves us behind at lunch when we try to walk with her. If one of us falls behind to pick up trash or grab our phones, she continues walking with no regard for us. She couldn’t care less if we are with her or not, once she starts, she very rarely stops. If she does notice we’ve fallen behind, she always comments on how slow we are and continues walking anyway, as if to mock our pacing.

What’s worse is that we all sit in the same vicinity (a.k.a. the SAC) and have the same lunch, yet she continues to leave us anyway. One of us (Allison) is prone to misplacing her phone and requires a few extra seconds that Wenxin just isn’t down to give us.

And by the way, the featured photo of this article is a picture of Wenxin actually leaving us behind on the way out of lunch, unlike the one she had us stage for her article. We have cold, hard evidence of her betrayal to us.

But in the end, we love Wenxin no matter what, because she is a good friend who is always there for us. She is fun to be around and we absolutely adore her. So, in the spirit of good fun and just teasing our friends, this one goes out to you Wenxin!