Freshmen Year: Class of 2019

Destini Johnson, Staff Writer

Advanced Technologies Academy, three words that will impact your future, and the rest of your life. Life lessons have already been taught and we aren’t even halfway through our high school experience.

A-TECH has taught us to maintain our grades, manage our time, and most importantly we have learned how to adapt and survive.

“A-TECH has taught me the procrastinating can often lead to long nights and you should just do your work right away. Also that the people around you are willing to help you, not only because they’re nice, but also because A-TECH students have an understanding that they wouldn’t want anyone to fail, and if you fail, you fail together,” said freshman Bobbie Collins.

Coming in as freshman was a pretty intimidating experience, especially because it’s our first year of high school  and we are coming in, pretty much blindsided, oblivious to future occurrences.

“Freshman year at A-TECH was not what I was expecting.  I was expecting this school year to resemble the high schools I see on TV. For example; you would have the “jocks”, “nerds”, “populars” and so on. But it was not like that. It was different, it was unique. Everyone was nice to eachother and helpful. A-TECH  is like a little community. All for one, and one for all,” said freshman Kaitlyn Montgomery.

High school is where you really decide on the kind of college you want to attend and what you want to do with your life. Advanced Technologies gives us so many opportunities to succeed, and all we have to do is take them. As a wise man once said, “Excuses will always be there for you, but opportunities won’t.”

Excuses is a word that will cause you to fall behind and have grades to dramatically decrease. One of the most important lessons learned at A-TECH would be to study. “I forgot we had a test today,  pass me your book because I need to study” is the kind of ‘studying’ that sadly doesn’t work for all of us.

Responsibility is learned at A-TECH, and is something that is very vital in order to succeed.

“My freshman year has taught me to be responsible. Juggling with all the homework that is given in each class and getting it done at first was a challenge at first, but as time went by I learned to manage my time,” said freshman Georgia Gardner.

At Advanced Technologies Academy. A-TECH offers advanced placement (AP)  and honors classes, giving you a very high rate of getting scholarships, and reaching your full-potential.

A-TECH, not only teaches you important things like, stay on top of your work or no procrastinating, but it also teaches you that you can be yourself.

“One thing I have learned from my freshman year at A-TECH is never undermine the smallest things, because the smallest things can go a long way. With the slightest dream you have, A-TECH can help you down the path. A-TECH taught me that breaking the status quo is just as acceptable as being you. A-TECH taught me that being myself, is beautiful,”  said freshman Kaitlyn Montgomery.
A-TECH challenges you to do better and provides you with all the necessities to be successful in life. We have three more years left of high school, Mavericks there is still hope.