Problems High School Students Face Today


Wenxin Chen

Stressed Out Student

The teenage years are difficult, especially in high school.  Kids today face growing challenges and problems, and these problems have huge effects on high school students. Everyone’s situation is different, but even so, there are some problems that most students will be faced or are currently facing in high school.


High school is a stressful time, especially in A-TECH. A lot of high school students are overwhelmed by stress everyday because of the amount of work in school.

“I am enrolled in three AP courses, all of which I will only ever remember due to the overabundance of homework assignments and upcoming tests, even over breaks,” junior Robert Smith said.

High school students are expected to perform well in school, so as a result, they have to worry about getting good grades, passing the tests and exams, finishing all the homework, and etc. in order to meet the demands of their parents and be “successful.” All these pressures have added academic stress to high school students, which becomes a major problem in their high school life.


In 21st century, procrastination is a huge problem to American people, especially high school students.

Since procrastination usually give students an illusion of freedom, which they tend to believe that they have countless hours to do their work, students put off tasks and wait until the last minute to get things done.

Wenxin Chen

“Procrastinating on my work stresses me out when it all builds up,” sophomore Sydney Wattenberg said.

Procrastination is one of the main sources of high school stress and exhaustion. Often, students worry about the unfinished work everyday, but they always wait until tomorrow, a day that will never come. As a result, when all the work builds up, students have to sacrifice sleep to finish their work or they just ended up not doing it.


People communicate verbally everyday, however, to some high school students, communicating with people is challenging.

For example, sometime a student tries super hard to clarify his/her point, but fails to do so.

“I am unable to speak properly to people,” senior Citlaly Alvarez Correa said. “I tend trip up on words and not able to get my point across.”

Poor communication skills hurt students. Without the communication skills they need, students are unable to ask questions, collaborate with others, develop new knowledge, and even finish high school.

“I haven’t been able to solve the problem,” Correa said.


Today’s high school students are usually busier than the past generations, with all the works they have done in order to be “successful,” students are losing sleep.

According to study, 73% of high school students did not get enough sleep, mainly because of school.

Wenxin Chen

“I did all my work, but it made me have to stay up all night in order to do so,” Wattenberg said.

With the lack of sleep, students are exhausted. Exhaustion is a huge problem as it causes students to lose focus, become anxious, and even stop having the will to do work.

“This school year has been the most worrisome, sleepless, and, at some points, demotivating year,” Smith said.

The Lack of Support

Support is a really important factor to student’s success when it comes to high school, whether it’s personal or academic. However, many students do not have access to the support system that they needed, which becomes a huge problem in their high school life.

According to junior Julianna Mendoza, one of her teachers was unwilling to help her when she didn’t “understanding something.”

“I’ve gone a few times after school for help, but after like the fourth time the teacher didn’t help,” Mendoza said.

Without the support to students, it is really hard for students to handle and solve their personal or academic problems on their own.