Fun Assembly at A-TECH

The Fun Assembly, a long A-TECH tradition, is being hosted on April 12. The battle of the classes will take place, which each grade level will compete with each other in mini-games.

The reason for student council to host this assembly is to “celebrating in completing our classes, ’cause they’ve [students] done such a good,” said Sophomore Jordan Chan.

Student council wanted to pay students back by giving them an easy and fun day by hosting the fun assembly as well with the movie night, which shorten class time.

This assembly is held before spring break, which will make people question why their working time was removed for this.

The reason for is “to like have fun before students go on their spring break and like maybe they won’t get to see their friends because they’re on vacation.” added Chan.

Student council will ask for volunteers in the crowd to participate in the game. Directions for the game will be given, which then the students play.

”Then winners get a gold medal, it’s made out of chocolate,” said Chan.

The theme of the Fun Assembly, which is Olympics, was coined with a purpose.

As Mrs. Tanya Yapp said, “The Olympics involves being inclusive and bring people from like different backgrounds, specifically, like nationalities and ethnicity together”.