Consent is a Basic Human Right

Consent is a funny word.

It can be used in so many different ways. You just have to pay attention to the context of it. The way it is used in certain sentences says a lot. It’s used as consent of photography meaning someone is allowing another for them to be photographed. They can also consent to sharing private information like age. People can consent to friendships as that is a mutual understanding that two or more people will continue to be around one another throughout the day and hang out as they wish. They can also consent to be apart of something as in an organization or voluntary community service.

There are so many forms in which a human may have to give their consent, but, see, consent means someone is voluntarily doing something of their own free will. The actions they wish to partake in are not mandatory nor shall it ever be. Someone cannot be forced into doing something they do not wish to do. If something is ‘mandatory’ it is taking away the basic right of giving consent towards that activity. The response of ‘you chose to be here’ does not work as, yes, they did choose to show up, but that does not necessarily mean they wish to be apart of something they did not know would happen.

Consent is a right, it is not something to disregard or misinterpret.