Boyd Law School Field Trip

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Seniors in legal studies took a field trip to Boyd School of Law on April 11 where the students did research on legal problems that their teacher, David Eason, provided.

Students used books that weren’t available online or hard copies. Then students met with a law teacher that went over all their research. It was also an opportunity for students to ask questions about law school.

They also met the director of admissions then met with different people who are in charge of different clinics at the school to inform the students and answer their questions.

“Students did research in the law library and the books were just beautiful to work with. They received assistance from the law librarians. We had one of the director of admissions speak with the students and answer all their questions about getting into law school. We had someone speak with us about externships explaining what they were and how you get them,” said Eason.

The opportunity interested students even more and many felt it was a great opportunity.

“The field trip was very interesting. The research we did with the law teachers made me want to further my studies in that field. It was very eye opening but it was a great experience,”said senior Lorena Garcia.

Students were in awe of the actually building and their future school.

“My favorite part of the field trip would probably to be able to see the law school as a whole because it would be where a lot of us will be going in the next four years. So being able to see what we have two libraries, a nice study room, a workroom, a classroom and just overall elegance of the building was a really refreshing sight to see. We might as well be familiar with it,” said senior Karlyn Carlisi.

David Eason gets his own excitement out of the field trip, allowing him to see some of his previous students. Sadly, this year he didn’t get to see anyone.

Eason said,“overall the field trip was a success.”